World H&N Cancer Day: Report

Head and Neck Cancer Screening Event

Pécs, Hungary | 22 Jul 2019 to 26 Jul 2019

Name of Host : Laszlo Lujber MD PhD

Name of Institution : University Pécs, Dept. of ENT Head and Neck Surgery

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Brief Summary :

  • Traditionally, the ENT Clinic of Pécs University had been doing head and neck cancer screeing events in the last 5 years. Due to the popularity of the  previous events, we planned to do the screenings in 3 consecutive days. However it turned out short after the first ads appeared in the local media, that there is a high demand and the 150 places we initially planned will not be enough. Our medical team (see Foto) quickly decided to extend the event for 5 days to provide place for everyone, who wants to be screened for head and neck cancer.
  • The event was very successful thank to the professional medical team end their helpful attitude to make the Head and Neck Cancer Screening Event a success. 

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