World H&N Cancer Day: Report

WHNCD 2019: Symposium - Bringing Clinicians, Scientists and Patients Together

Brisbane, Australia | 27 Jul 2019 to 27 Jul 2019

Name of Host : Professor Ben Panizza

Name of Institution : Princess Alexandra Hospital

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Brief Summary :

To celebrate World Head and Neck Cancer Day the Princess Alexandra Hospital ENT Department (Brisbane) hosted a half-day Symposium “Bringing Clinicians, Scientists and Patients Together”. Presentation themes included: Research, Clinical Management and Patient Management, Nursing and Allied Health. The Symposium was well attended with 87 attendees (3 Allied Health, 16 Doctors, 1 Oral Health, 56 Nurses, 11 Speakers), and was highly regarded with attendee’s average presentation ratings above 9/10. In addition, the ENT Department hosted a stall in the hospital foyer promoting awareness of Head and Neck Cancer to the broader community.

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