World H&N Cancer Day: Report

Head and Neck Cancer Screeing Event

Sellye, Hungary | 22 Jul 2019 to 22 Jul 2019

Name of Host : Laszlo Lujber MD PhD

Name of Institution : Ormansag Egeszsegugyi Központ

URL of Institution :

Brief Summary :

  • Sellye is a tiny town in Hungary, located in a region where the incidence of head and neck cancer is higher then the average. We decided that this year we will again organize a cancer screening event. As there is no media locally, we asked some prominent citizens of the town to spread the word of the event by facebook. It turned out to be a very effective way of adverisement, as in few hours all the places were fully booked. We screened 50 people for Head and Neck cancer.   2 people had to be booked for further detailed ENT examination, due to suspicion of malignancy.

We plan to do further screenings in the future.

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