World H&N Cancer Day: Report

Head and Neck Cancer awareness month

Karachi, Pakistan | 01 Jul 2019 to 31 Jul 2019

Name of Host : Dr Yasmin Abdul Rashid

Name of Institution : Aga Khan University Hospital

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Brief Summary :

Head and Neck cancer accounts for 40% of all cancers in Pakistan with a 15% rise annually. Major risk factor is use of smokeless tobacco. Most of these patients belong to poor socio-economic class, have notable comorbidities and due to lack of awareness present with advanced disease. The Section of Medical Oncology at The Aga Khan University in collaboration with other departments arranged the following activities to raise awareness about head and neck cancers this year.

  1. Decorated clinics with awareness posters and decorations to highlight the head and neck cancers awareness theme– All of July 
  2. Session with general practitioners and dental surgeons to educate and promote prevention with emphasis on early referrals to tertiary care centers – July 10. 
  3. Awareness session for housekeeping staff to emphasize the importance of oral hygiene, early diagnosis and demystify myths of cancer and its treatment with tips on quitting addiction. An ex-addict also shared his experience of how he took control of his life by quitting tobacco - July 17.
  4. University wide circulation of awareness flyers through social media – July 27
  5. Head and Neck Cancer Support group meeting with the theme of survivorship - July 31


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