World H&N Cancer Day: Report

Oral cancer awarness and screening programme

Malappuram, India | 27 Jul 2017 to 27 Jul 2017

Name of Host : Abhilash Alex Francis

Name of Institution : KIMS Alshifa super speciality hospital

URL of Institution :

Brief Summary :

We conducted an awarness seminar for general public regarding oral cancer , its resilient factors and prevention. Special emphasis was given to tobacco associated oral cancer and Hpv associated oral cancer now prevalent in young population.The role of rehabilitation and need for survivorship programme was also discussed.The Ent surgeon gave a detailed talk on the Pre malignant conditions and how to do mouth self examination and detect early cancer.The role of dental hygiene was discussed by the dental surgeon.Thereafter, a free oral cancer screening was done for previously registered 32 patients and detailed examination and videolaryngoscopic examination was done and necessary treatment were prescribed.

Media Coverage :

The PR team gave news of free oral cancer screening camp in local daily s and news channels.The details of the oral cancer screening programme and need for prevention was published in newspapers.

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