World H&N Cancer Day: Report

World Head and Neck Cancer Day - 2017

Noida, India | 27 Jul 2017 to 27 Jul 2017

Name of Host : Prof. Ravi Mehrotra

Name of Institution : National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research

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Brief Summary :

The National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR) commemorated the event by organising a medical camp for the under-served population for screening of oral lesions and helped them for tobacco cessation. Evaluation of more than hundred and fifty individuals at the oral cancer screening camp showed the concerns of tobacco use. Eighty two individuals were reported to have been regularly using tobacco (44 smokeless tobacco users, 25 smokers and 13 'dual' users). Of them, 41 individuals had oral potentially malignant disorders, and were recalled for biopsy and subsequent referral. Tobacco users were counselled briefly and registered for further follow-up at the Health Promotion Clinic. The attendees were also provided 'easy to understand' flyers and were given a tobacco and oral cancer awareness talk.

Media Coverage :

The Hindustan Times e-paper covered the event and published a report wherein Prof. Ravi Mehrotra, DIrector, NICPR said that people in India were falling prey to oral cancer because of smokeless tobacco and there was an urgent need to spread awareness. Around 6.52 people die every year of head and neck cancer across the globe and 4.70 lakh of them are from India. Prof Mehrotra said, “About 80% of head and neck cancer is due to the use of alcohol or tobacco. In India, more than 50% oral and neck cancer is caused by smokeless tobacco. Even the younger generation’s rate of using smokeless tobacco is also increasing, which can be fatal if not controlled in time.” He said head and neck cancer cancers usually begin in the squamous cells that line the moist, mucosal surfaces inside the mouth, nose and throat. “In 2015, head and neck cancers globally affected more than 5.5 million people. These cancers are more than twice as common among men,” . The article also mentioned the outcome of the checkup camp

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