World H&N Cancer Day: Report

Comprehensive Approach for an Integrated Tobacco Cessation

Faridabad, India | 04 Jul 2021 to 25 Jul 2021

Name of Host : Dr Pawan Gupta

Name of Institution : Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation

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Brief Summary : International E-Conclave for Tobacco Cessation Theme - Integrating Pharmacotherapy for an effective Tobacco Cessation The program was organised by ICanCaRe, IHBAS and Gujarat University

Media Coverage : 4 sessions were conducted on each Sunday of July 2021 on various topics by learned faculties from across all specialties. the highlight of the event was to have all specialities - head and neck surgeons, oncologists, cardiologists, pulmonologist, dental surgeons. etc on board to understand and incorporate tobacco cessation into their practice. 1390 registrations

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