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    IFHNOS World Tour Program in Delhi, India

    13-15 October 2016 | New Delhi, India

    A meeting like no other, The Global CME of the International Federation of Head-Neck Societies (IFHNOS), is coming to our doorstep at New Delhi. Do not miss the opportunity to connect to the Global who’s- who in the subject and to partake of this most comprehensive, evidence based, multidisciplinary, and very current educational meeting. The Annual Meetings of the Foundation for Head-Neck Oncology ( FHNO) have already set very high standards in terms of both educational activities and innovative social events. The FHNO represents Indian Head-Neck professionals from India and is among the largest and most vibrant of Head-Neck Societies which constitute the IFHNOS. Head-Neck Cancer unfortunately is among the most common cancers in the Indian subcontinent and the FHNO has been at the forefront of educational and advocacy activities in this realm.

    This combined meeting shall endeavour to provide a comprehensive academic program comprising of the state of the art combined with instructional courses and technical tips across all specialties. The academic program shall have something for everyone. We further promise you an unforgettable social program which you shall long remember. The ancient city of Delhi has seen seven previous avatars and is reported to be over 2000 years old. Do enjoy its various parks and monuments from different periods in its history ranging from the Mahabharata to include the city of the Mughals, the city of the Raj, and the current modern metropolis well known for its generous nature and its big heart. Do join us at “Dilwalon ki Dilli”.

Address: IFHNOS, Room C-1067, 1275 York Avenue, New York, NY. 10065. Tel.: + 1 212 717 3302

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