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    IFHNOS World Tour Program in Seoul, South Korea

    17-19 October 2016 | Seoul, South Korea

    IFHNOS World Tour Seoul 2016 will be organized by the Korean Society of Head and Neck Oncology and the Korean Society Thyroid-Head and Neck Surgery. Outstanding opinion leaders of the Traveling faculty and the Korean Societies in the field of Head and Neck Surgery, Radiation Oncology and Medical Oncology and Reconstructive Surgery will offer state of the art science in the specialty of Head and Neck Oncology with immense wealth of their cumulative clinical experience, research and teaching abilities.
    I am sure that IFHNOS World Tour Seoul 2016 will bring us all together to share common platform and advancement in the field of Head and Neck Oncology by the various lectures and intense interactive discussion with traveling faculty members and domestic specialists. We are ready to build unique and interactive bond from participants all around the world.
    I welcome you all to Seoul. Enjoy dynamic Seoul, a city that will fascinate you to your heart's delight and certainly spread its exciting ancient and modern cultural wave.
    See you in October at IFHNOS World Tour Seoul 2016.
    Event URL : http://www.ifhnosseoul2016.org/


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