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    2012 IFHNOS World Tour Amsterdam

    Dearest IFHNOS Amsterdam participants,
    We genuinely hope you all returned safely and have found this International Global Continuing Education Program on Head and Neck Cancer at your interest.

    On behalf of the conference Chairman, Prof Michiel van den Brekel and the conference secretariat lead by Marion van Zuilen, we wish to thank each of you for your active participation at this special event.

    For your convenience we enclose herewith the link to the summarizing clip that was shown during the last day of the conference leg at :

    Last but not least, the conference organizers and production team of KALEIDOSCOPE LTD that were present in Amsterdam, namely Rina, Liat, Stella, Shelly, Eveline,Yossi, Shaked, Tomer and Hedwig were happy to be at your service during this conference and it will be our pleasure to host you again at future events.

    Looking forward to seeing you again.... Tot Ziens...

    Most sincerely


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